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“Really Great Stuff”

“This product has worked wonders for a variety of medical issues. It has helped with sleep, stress, joint pain, and better workout performance. I'm extremely happy with the purchase of this product. The oil comes in veg. capsule form, which means no fillers, toxins, or preservatives. This a pure high quality hemp (CBD) oil. Really great stuff!”

Michael - Layfayette, CA

“Huge Improvement ”

“I’ve tried a few different CBD products and Whole Health Remedies capsules have been remarkably helpful. Anytime I’ve had an allergic reaction, sinus issue or headache I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms within 30 minutes. The 25mg capsules have also been great to help when I have trouble sleeping! I’m glad to have a bottle in my cupboard.”


“Great Products...”

“Whole Health Remedies tinctures and capsules are great products! I’ve tried several others and these products feel like a much higher quality....They’ve helped me reduce general inflammation and pain, keeping life a little more calm and getting a good night sleep. I’ve been recommending Whole Health Remedies to friends and family and people are having really good results.

Victoria - ASHLAND, OR

“Great sleep at last”

“Whole Health Remedies 25mg CBD capsules have helped me in many ways. Mainly they allow me to get a good night's sleep, but also their formula has helped me in my overall health. Their CBD oil is better than any other one that I've tried. I highly recommend this product. ”


“Great Products...”

“Arrived in few days after I ordered it, tried it out that night. I have pain in my hips and back. I like the convenience of the capsules and I slept really well through the night and the next night. It really relaxed my muscles and my pain has been greatly reduced. I’m going to continue to use this and will begin to cut back on my pain meds, looking forward to being free of the medications and getting good night sleep! I’ll update after I tried these over the next weeks.”

Katherine - ASHLAND, OR